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Exhibition Date: 

September 16th-19th, 2020

Exhibition Venue: 

Yongnian International Fastener Exhibition Center,



Handan Municipal People's Government

Department of industry and information technology of Hebei Province

Hebei Council for the promotion of international trade


Yongnian District People's Government

Yongnian District fastener industry development management committee of Handan City

Yongnian District Bureau of Commerce of Handan City

Hebei Fastener Industry Association

Hebei Jinjiang exhibition planning Co., Ltd

Exhibition Profile:

Hall1: Fastener products

1. Common fasteners

Bolts, screws, nuts, expansion screws, riveting products, lead screws, washers,nails, combined fasteners, connecting sub-fasteners,  hot piers and turning products, stainless steel fasteners, plastic and nylon fasteners, corrosion-resistant metal fasteners, special screws, non-standard fasteners

2. Automobile fasteners

High - strength bolts for engines, hub / wheel bolts and nuts, welding bolts and nuts, fasteners for chassis, cold header for chairs, fasteners for interior decoration, and fasteners for vehicle bodies.

3, Railway fasteners

Aluminum alloy fasteners, titanium alloy fasteners, blind bolts, critical fasteners, special alloy fasteners, threaded sheaths, high temperature / low temperature fasteners

4. Building fasteners

Ceiling artifact, chemical anchor bolt and resin, hanging pieces, solar energy firmware, brackets and connectors, scaffold fasteners, stamping products for construction, and other building firmware and connectors

5. Hardware tools

Torque wrenches, torque wrenches, screwdrivers / screwdrivers, mechanical hands / adjustable wrench, riveting tools and equipment, power tools, pneumatic tools, welding instruments, fastener maintenance and removal equipment, and other installation tools.

Hall2: Fastener Machinery

1、Cold heading machineThread rolling machineHeading machineBolt Formers, Nut Formers,  

Nut Tapping machineScrew machine

2、Industrial furnaceVibrating diskMarking machinePackaging machine,Surface treatment machinery,etc.

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